Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of academic content do you create?

    Answer: We are expert in producing both written and visual academic content. Written content comprises book notes, past papers, practice material and assessment; whereas, visual content includes short and long video lectures on required topics, show reels and 2D animation with voice-over.

  2. What type of video lectures do you produce?

    Answer: Green-screen lectures, single camera recording and multi-camera shoots are the hallmark of our exclusive visual lectures production, which capture the students’ interest and provide the faultless and clear concepts. To access millions of graphic resources, psd, icons, vectors and stock photography, we use both readymade and custom resources. For readymade solutions we access famous digital libraries such as, envato element, shutter stock,,, and

  3. How many video lectures have you been produced till now?

    Answer: We have delivered 200+ video lectures, containing videos of 3,000+ hours with HD quality that meet the market standards and a great acceptability.

  4. To which grades/classes, do you provide digital solutions?

    Answer: We cover all the grades or classes from K12, O/A-levels, and university level courses.

  5. Do you cover international boards as well, along with national boards?

    Answer: It does not matter which educational board or syllabus your school or university follow, we are proficient in custom content creation of any board you belongs to such as Federal, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK, Cambridge, Oxford, Edexcel or International Baccalaureate system.

  6. Which type of written content do you create?

    Answer: Written content can be created in the form of textbook notes, questions & answers, MCQs, conceptual topics, solutions of numerical questions, quizzes, solved and unsolved past papers etc.

  7. How do you ensure the quality of academic content?

    Answer: We produce customized academic content which is highly recognized with SCROM compatibility. Content production workflow moves from the two-way quality assurance process. Firstly, vetted by the assessors for mistakes, errors and omissions. Secondly, it drives from the process of technical assessment to ensure the eye-capturing elegance, recording standards, lighting intensity and user engagement techniques to make possible online classes.

  8. Who produce the video lectures and written content?

    Answer: We have a large pool of teachers and assessors’ team specialized in their subjects. The teachers’ talent pool is dichotomized into two streams, one is on-screen and another is off-screen instructors. Off-screen teachers are subject specialist working on written content creation. On-screen teachers are expert in green-screen recording, chroma studio or multi-camera demonstrations.

  9. How many teachers’ team do you have?

    Answer: We have more than 200 teachers’ team who work via telecommuting or on-campus work, based on the requirement. They have subject expertise and fully trained with the process of delivering complete digital solutions for the students.

  10. Which features do you cover in School Management System?

    Answer: Our school management system triggers the ease of the entire structure and processes for our teachers, parents, admin staff and students. School administrative challenges could be hard to manage, especially when you are operating manually the entire structure of enrollment, student registrations, fee structure, examination, results and grading etc.

  11. What is Edupack?

    Answer: Edupack is our own product, which is a complete digital solution for content creation and delivery online. Edupack is a combination of both learning management system (LMS) and content management system (CMS). It is custom designed with fully compatible and user friendly experience, which enables cloud-based comprehensive e-solutions for schools, colleges and universities, triggering the ease of the entire structure and processes for our teachers, parents, admin staff and students.

  12. Which modules are covered in Edupack?

    Answer: Our Edupack is featured with various modules including custom content creation, content management and integration, authoring tools, cloud based solutions, featured panels, examination, grades, and most of all students’ progress tracking/monitoring.

  13. What type of creative services do you provide?

    Answer: We offers state-of-the-art creative services to our esteemed clients enriched with full video production and lectures recordings. Our creative services includes green-screen recording, concept, scripting and creative assistance, full HD camera recording, on-screen video lectures, single-camera and multi-camera shoots, video editing, 2d animation, illustration and motion graphics, voice over, product photography, studio services, studio equipment, camera & lights for both in-house and outdoor production. We also have access to famous digital libraries for handy resources such as, envato element, shutter stock,,, and

  14. Why should I transform my traditional school system into E-Learning?

    Answer: In Pakistan 1.39 million population hit by pandemic Covid-19, this drastic occurrence brought a diverse changing behavior in our daily life, working environment and educational pattern. To survive into the global challenging world, schools and universities are rapidly transforming their traditional system into modern digital system across the globe.

  15. What benefits I can avail due to E-Learning transformation?

    Answer: Earlier the access to knowledge was not possible for all due to geographical boundaries. The trend of online education has helped in providing consistent education, and it offers an immense collaboration and global opportunities to the students and teachers. E-Learning has various benefits over old learning methods such as reduced cost, virtual classroom, scalability & quick delivery, accessibility & versatility, time saving & effective and remote approach.

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